At The End of 2016

You might have noticed that I haven't written about any of the shows that I've done since the end of the Summer. Most of them were disappointing, unfortunately. Whether you want to blame that on the election or the overall decline of arts festivals, people just weren't buying much from artists at shows across the board. I stopped writing about them because it was really getting me down to only be reporting on negative experiences! I'm generally an extremely positive person and the whole experience has been messing with that vibe. 

This year I did 19 shows. That was far too many. I was working 80+ hours a week, not sleeping enough, not seeing friends and family enough, and just barely making enough money to sustain myself. I used to think I love my job too much to ever burn out, but I've found that burn-out is a very real thing. I've decided to cut it down next year to 8 shows at the most, all of which I know for sure will be great for me. I've gotten a part time job at a coffee shop to supplement shows so that I can have a reliable income on the side. I've also gotten a couple of wholesale accounts and I'm looking into getting more with galleries and shops. 

I'm also working on designs for a lot of non-musical pieces! I will be getting rid of many of my musical ones as well. Flute mugs are here to stay, but the fates of the rest are undecided. I'll be posting photos and more information onto the site soon, probably shortly after the new year. Probably 90% of what I sell is flute mugs, so I don't think the other pieces will be missed too much. I want to explore other forms and functions while taking my surface designs further. 

In other news: I got a dog named Sadie last week! My boyfriend works at the Humane Society, met this pretty lady, and insisted that I meet her. She's a total sweetie and cuddlebug. We think she's a plott hound/lab mix. She'll be spending lots of time with me in the studio, so feel free to come by and meet her sometime! She LOVES meeting new people! 

This year has been CRAZY and WEIRD. But things are looking up, and I'm moving forward! I hope everyone has a lovely holiday season!